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  • Width can be from 30" upto 120"
  • Weights of different types like 3.5 Oz, 7 Oz, 8.9 Oz, 10 Oz, 12 Oz, 14 Oz etc.
  • Packing is of 1000 / 2000 yards in an iron bound bale, depending on width of fabric, but can be changed as needed.
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Hessian Bags    

  • Plain or unprinted hessian bags have different kinds of usage – agricultural, industrial, landscaping etc.
  • Available in variety of customizable sizes.
  • Used to pack material from 5 Kilos to upto 50 Kilos of weight.
  • Used to pack vegetables, fruits, and other edible items, other agricultural produce like tobacco, cotton, wool etc.
  • Also used as plain and rot proof treated sandbags for protection from floods.
  • Food Grade variety of these bags are used to pack coffee and cocoa.

  • Printed hessian bags have usage exactly as outlined in the plain variety.
  • Are printed in one to four colours in markings and designs as may be required.
  • We follow internationally accepted colour codes like Pantone etc. for well-defined print finish.

Regular stitch    
  • Regular stitch or herakle sewn means standard sewn bags with the jute sewing thread.
  • Seams remain on the outside of the finished bag.

  • It is a custom type where bags are sewn with a synthetic thread.
  • Sometimes bags are required to be turned after sewing so the seams remain in the inside of the finished bag.
  • Same can also be produced with standard seams-on-the-outside way.

Food Grade    
  • We produce special Food Grade Jute Bags for the Coffee and Cocoa industry.
  • Can be Hessian or Sacking Type as may be required by the buyer.
  • We use Rice Bran oil (RBO) Technology for producing these bags.
  • The bags and cloths processed under this technology fully conform to the international specification as prescribed in IJO 98/01 and by IOCCC.
  • The amount of unsaponifiable compounds shall be less than 1250 mg/kg.
  • We provide a Food Grade certificate issued by IJIRA/SGS for the bags that we ship.
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