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Plain and Treated Squares    
  • Jute or Burlap as it is also referred to, finds its use in the nursery industry.
  • Can supply both plain and the treated varieties of the squares.
  • Squares are used to wrap tree roots and hold the soil.
  • Once put in the ground, these squares help the small plant to hold ground and slowly biodegrade, hence no hassle of pulling out once its job is over.

Plain and Treated Liners    
  • We can supply both plain and the treated varieties of the nursery liners.
  • Such liners are used to fit inside wire baskets in nurseries.
  • These are produced with tags sewn into such liners with information as may be required to be put onto it.
  • Sizes and widths can be customized as needed.

Plain and Treated Rolls    
  • We manufacture plain and treated Hessian / Burlap Rolls for the nursery industry.
  • Rolls can be in variety of widths and in lengths of 100 yards or 250 yards or any other, as per requirement.
  • Cloth is rolled on good cardboard cores for variety of uses.

Spiral Bags    
  • We produce special Spiral Bags produced from 7 Oz or 10 Oz Hessian Cloth for packing cotton lint bales.
  • Such bags are characterized by special spiral sewing on these bags for more flexibility to stuff bales of cotton.
  • Sizes can be customized as needed.
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