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  • We produce Jute sandbag which are a biodegradable way of protection from floods.
  • These are attached with tie strings for easy closing of the mouth once the bag is filled with sand or soil.

  • We produce treated or rot retardant jute sandbags.
  • Such treatment increases the resistance of the jute bags to rotting and increases the durability of the bags.
  • Used in lieu of the plain sandbags where the bags need to hold for a longer period of time.

  • We produce special Jute Box Bags for wrapping cotton bales.
  • Are of two types, for wrapping 100 Kilos of Cotton and for wrapping 200 Kilos of cotton.
  • Can be produced with our without flaps and other customizations in terms of printing.

Custom Bags    
  • Other than the types of bags already mentioned above, we can practically manufacture any bag with customizations as may be needed for any specific purpose.
  • We produce Food Grade Hessian Bags with special valve in one corner of the bag which help in filling coffee by automated machines.
  • We manufacture bags inserted and fitted with poly liners or laminated as may be required for variety of purposes.
  • We supply double bags (bag inserted in another bag) as may be required by specific market.
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