Manufacturing Units    

Hastings Jute Mill    
The Company acquired Hastings Jute Mill in March1994 from Digvijay Cement Co. Hastings is one of the premier jute mills in India, with perfect backward integration ensuring on-time shipment of goods and adherence to strict quality parameters. It has a production capacity of around 160 MT per day and deploys around 5500 personnel. Over the years the mill has evolved as a brand. It boasts of a rich heritage and consistent character that has satisfied customers worldwide. The unit is one of the oldest in India and is situated at Rishra on pristine riverside grounds that once were home to Lord Warren Hastings, the first Governor General of Bengal.  

India Jute Mill    
India Jute Mill at Serampore, Hooghly became the company’s second composite mill after acquisition in June, 2007. It has an installed capacity 120 MT per day producing Sacking cloth & Bags and Hessian cloth & Bags.  Located next to the prestigious Serampore College of Textiles, the mill has a rich heritage and background in textile and Jute. This unit employs over 4000 individuals and is known in the industry for its immaculate work culture and ethics.  

Gondalpara Jute Mill    
Gondalpara Jute Mill at Chandannagore, Hooghly was the third composite Jute Mill of the company acquired in March, 2009. It has an installed capacity of 120 MT per day producing Hessian, Sacking and value-added Jute Diversified products. It features a dedicated shed of modern rapier looms that produce high quality jute fabrics used in high-end applications. The Jute Mill boasts of its grand infrastructure, which aids in maintaining best work ethics and delivering quality products.  

Ghusuri Unit    
The specialized bag making unit was the company’s first foray in manufacturing. The Unit was setup in the year 1985 at 40, Joy Bibi Road, Ghusuri, Howrah. Here jute bags for diversified usage are stitched and processed as per importers specifications. It serves as a specialized bag processing house that can caters to the customized needs with stringent quality control.  
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