MREL's mission captures the essence of the Group Corporate Identity: 

M Market focused; always working to upgrade products and keep up with customers evolving needs.
I Initiate new trends in the industry through complete identification with jute and zeal for innovation.
S Systematic and effective utilization of available resources.
S Strive to make jute an integral part of the customer’s life.
I Implement stringent quality control measures and minimize defects at each stage of production.
O On time shipment and timely delivery through well planned and efficient supply chain.
N Nurture close bonds with the MREL workforce, like family, and involve them in every step of organization building.



The focus is always on the ever-evolving needs of customers. MREL uses their feedback to meet requirements and to anticipate future preferences. We are in a systematic drive to occupy an important place in the mosaic- at home and abroad. Armed with its ever-upgraded product technology, MREL strives to be a valuable aid to sound environmental balance. 

The Group’s business initiative is to reach customers and markets worldwide and create new opportunities for jute. The emphasis is not only on the traditional uses of jute, but also on the production of other value-added products. 

MREL aims to access new markets, enlarge its customer base, fulfill the demand of existing customers and improve reliability, dependence and faith amongst all, through deliveries of quality products. 





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